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bigfoot-apricotsGreg Peterson’s Urban Farm U has just published my piece on Peter Bigfoot as “urban farming pioneer” on its blog, here.

Greg started farming in Phoenix forty years ago, and in 1991, when he discovered permaculture, converted his home’s 1/3 acre to an entirely edible landscape. Greg is an energetic proponent of permaculture and urban farming in Phoenix. [Read more…]

A visitor to Somewhere

My friend Nick Fox visited in September, and he’s written about it here.

I’ve known Nick about eight years, since we both attended writing school at Warren Wilson. Somehow, of the hundreds of memorable people I met at WW, Nick burrowed himself into a particular place in my heart. Meeting him again after, what, six years since we graduated (only that long?), I saw why.

Nick is the guy who would station himself next to the registration table during arrival day at Warren Wilson and personally see to it that every new student felt welcome and supported. He’s a true extravert, and he’s also truly humble — genuinely hail-fellow-well-met. You feel that he engages you because he wants to know you (not because he wants you to know him). He lives from the heart, and writes from it, too.
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Gooseberry Falls, MN

Slow Fashion October – week 1

FAI’ve been following the Fringe Association blog for years, where Karen Templer writes about knitting, sewing, and fashion from a conscious base of values: sustainability, beauty, craftsmanship, and ethics. She’s certainly helped me develop my knitting skills and interests, but she’s also led me to think more deeply about my choices in the clothes that I purchase, make, and wear. Now she’s organizing Slow Fashion October:

“to celebrate not only our own makes (although definitely that!) but clothes that have been made for us by others; worn over the course of years or decades; handed down or rescued from thrift shops or attics; mended; handcrafted in the small studios of slow fashion designers and/or from ethical fabrics; and so on. I want it to be about responsible and sustainable fashion in all its splendor, in other words. An opportunity to discuss and explore the wide range of topics that are at the core of slow fashion.”

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The kind of love it takes for people in power now to abandon their fossil fuel assets.

The kind of love it takes for everyone to work together to find safe havens for those who are now most at risk.

The kind of love it takes to prevent mass extinctions and to save species.

The kind of love it takes to learn how to cooperate with the Earth’s natural systems rather than to destroy and dominate them.

The kind of love it takes to recognize that pure competition is destructive and harmful and teaches all the wrong lessons.

The kind of love it takes not to build bunkers, but to build a living world full of life-granting civilizations – not the death-spreading ones we see today.

Love enough not to consume other creatures for food.

Love enough to not spend one’s life in search of ever-greater accumulations of wealth, but to spend it instead in search of ever-greater reductions of harm.

Love to help the least powerful among us the most.

That’s what it means to love today.

~Robert Fanney (@robertscribbler)


Things that scratch in the night …

Whenever I return to my land after being away for a time, I arrive with trepidation – always relieved when I first see the yurpee from a distance, apparently intact.

I always have three fears. One is that the place might have been discovered and ransacked (as I’ve heard happened to someone’s trailer in the vicinity). This is unlikely, given my location, but possible. It could happen.

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Friend, find any way that you can to resist
or escape. If you have to run for your life, for crissake, run for your life.
~ Steve Kowit

Sunday, August 9

Woke to find my knees drawn up to my chest, crumpled in a small space, but cozy under blankets, my head on my pillow. I slept in the cab of the truck. The light woke me, but it’s still early. I close my eyes.

I dreamed I was with Peter, I was helping him with some chore, there was a problem. It dismays me that I am still dreaming of helping Peter with chores.

Morning thought: I have learned everything I need to know for the life I want. No, it’s not true, and it’s arrogant, but there is a sliver of fact in it.

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“something marvelous”

Life Without Buildings was a Glasgow band, 1999-2002, that made just one studio album. Sue Tompkins provides the remarkable vocals, with Robert Johnston (now Robert Dallas Gray) playing guitar, Chris Evans on bass, and Will Bradley on drums. Any Other City was reissued on vinyl in 2014 by What’s Your Rupture? in the U.S. and Rough Trade in the U.K.

Wondering Sound interviewed the band in 2014.