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The kind of love it takes for people in power now to abandon their fossil fuel assets.

The kind of love it takes for everyone to work together to find safe havens for those who are now most at risk.

The kind of love it takes to prevent mass extinctions and to save species.

The kind of love it takes to learn how to cooperate with the Earth’s natural systems rather than to destroy and dominate them.

The kind of love it takes to recognize that pure competition is destructive and harmful and teaches all the wrong lessons.

The kind of love it takes not to build bunkers, but to build a living world full of life-granting civilizations – not the death-spreading ones we see today.

Love enough not to consume other creatures for food.

Love enough to not spend one’s life in search of ever-greater accumulations of wealth, but to spend it instead in search of ever-greater reductions of harm.

Love to help the least powerful among us the most.

That’s what it means to love today.

~Robert Fanney (@robertscribbler)

Self-interest, love, and war

We must guard against the siren song of self-interest if we are to live in a fair and equitable society.” – Here On Earth, p. 14

With due respect to Flannery, unfortunately this is just the kind of thinking that’s causing many of our problems. We don’t need to AVOID self-interest, we need to RETHINK our self-interest.

We need to see that in reality our self-interest is consistent and in harmony with the good of the community, others, and the environment.

I don’t mean this the way Ayn Rand would. Please let me explain. (more…)